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RSCV members on a cruise ship in the Pacific ocean.

  • To promote the Rodriguan culture and traditions to all member irrespective of creed, class or colour within the Mulgrave/Dandenong area, it's neighbouring suburbs and Victoria, wherever possible.
  • To provide recreational, cultural & social opportunities as well as entertainment for members.
  • To provide a caring & supportive environment.
  • To organise activities that provide members with information which may increase & Support quality lifestyle options.
    To promote cultural exchange amongst other ethnic groups in Australia.
    To promote goodwill amongst club members & other clubs around Victoria.
  • To provide a locale for the Rodriguan community.

The Club aims to promote the Rodriguan Culture in Victoria and also to facilitate "Rencontres" with our fellow members which currently comprise of a total of 405. Over the past years the club has, no doubt achieved an enormous growth. We have shown Victorians our beautiful and colourful culture. The club is very active and we organise a lot of events during the year.

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